Angels dwell in so many places. Of course there are angels in the Bible, working miracles and representing God's grace to the world. Heaven is another dwelling place for angels, a place where they shine their blessings down upon us with love.

Illustration of an an angel holding a bluebird

A Visit From a Bluebird Brought Her Reassurance

The beautiful bird stayed just long enough to be a comfort for her and her mom.

Illustration of an angel watching over a young boy

An Angelic Bright Light Protected Him from Danger

Just as the rattlesnake lashed out at him, a divine light appeared. 

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Illustration of a cassette tape

A Final Gift from Her Late Husband Provided Comfort

He never mentioned making a tape for her, but somehow knew she’d find it when she was ready to hear it. 

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Illustration of an angel holding a basket

Heaven-Sent Angels Helped Them Make a Special Delivery

With some divine assistance, and books of S&H Green Stamps, she and her grandmother helped a young, expecting couple. 

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Illustration of a black and white border collie

Her Foster Dog Taught Her a Lesson in Trust

There was always a reason for a dog’s behavior—and hers.

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Illustration of an angel in Paris

Did an Angel Help Her Find Her Missing Passport in Paris?

She was due to fly home in two hours and her passport was nowhere to be found. 

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Illustration of an illuminating angel

Guardian Angels Protected Her Son in a Moment of Danger

Her son was away at college. Then a voice called out to her in the middle of the night. 

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Illustration of a piccolo

His Daughter's Concert Helped Him Discover the Divine Gift of Music

He cared more about the Green Bay Packers than a Sunday concert—until he heard the choir. 

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The Galla Placidia in Ravenna, Italy

Carl Jung's Heaven-Sent Vision

The Swiss psychologist experienced vivid images that became a monumental lesson.

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Illustration of a smiling cab driver

How a New York City Cabbie Helped Her Cope With Her Grief

She avoided buses and subways because she wanted a quiet ride home. Or so she thought.

Stephan's Quintet from the James Webb Telescope, NASA

NASA Captures Some Angelic Constellations

Fans of the Christmas classic “It’s a Wonderful Life” might recognize this new image from NASA’s James Webb telescope. 

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Illustration by John Jay Cabuay

The Same Angelic Man Rescued Her Twice

During two separate childhood incidents, a mysterious, heaven-sent angel appeared to save her life.

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An illustration of a lush, green golf course; Illustration by Makoto Funatsu

In Her Dream, Heaven Looked Like a Beautiful Golf Course

Her late father gave her a comforting glimpse of life after death.

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Illustration by © Phil,

This Single Mom Became Handy at Fixing Up the House

With her supermom’s toolbox—and the help of everyday angels around her—she felt confident and grateful.  

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Illustration by Daniel Liévano

He Learned a Valuable Lesson About Tithing and Faith

The student pastor was worried about paying his bills. Then two earth angels provided heaven-sent reassurance.

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Illustration by Aaron Griffin

An Angel Guided Them to the Right Trail

The hiking group had gotten lost in the Appalachian Mountains. Then a mysterious man saved the day.

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