How to Pray

Oversharing in prayer

When It Comes to Prayer, Oversharing Is a Good Thing

We never have to hold back or check ourselves when talking to God.

Writing a prayer

A New Way to Pray: ‘Circular Prayers’

An old family tradition inspires another path to prayer while connecting with others.

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Prayer as a team sport

Why Prayer Is Like a Team Sport

Jesus made sure that when we pray, we join others in a community of faith.

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Head bowed in prayer

Why Bowing is an Essential Part of Prayer Life

Here are five indispensable things it can do for us.

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Tapping technique to reduce anxiety

Tapping—Another Helpful Way to Pray

Adding a spiritual twist to a technique that helps ease stress and anxiety.

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Making time for prayer

Stop Everything and Talk with God

Tips to bring your attention back to prayer and reclaim your time with God.

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Sense of smell

How Our Sense of Smell Can Enrich Our Prayers

Has a fragrance or aroma ever triggered an emotional response? Use that power when you pray.

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The Lord's Prayer

The Seven Prayers in the Lord’s Prayer

These simple, oft-repeated words carry a deep connection to God.

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Pray like never before

Pray ‘Never Before’ Prayers

Is there something you haven’t asked of God? Maybe it’s time.

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Prayers for work stress

10 Bible Verses to Help You Pray through Work Stress

Whether your job is draining or fulfilling, these words will ease you through the week.

Amy Grant and Tamela Mann and Bear Grylls discuss how to pray

How to Pray: Favorite Prayer Spots

Ever wonder where to pray? These inspiring celebrities—like Amy Grant, Tamela Mann, and Bear Grylls—share their favorite places to connect with God.

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Rick Hamlin

A New Name for a Favorite Devotional

Daily Guideposts is now Walking in Grace! An annual collection to enrich your faith and connect you with God.

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Getting quiet

6 Ways to Get Quiet and Pray

There is hope, even for the most distressed and distracted among us.

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Praying as you walk outside

Summer—A Great Time to Take a Prayer Walk

Here are some pointers for incorporating the sights and sounds of the season into your God time.

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How Jesus can teach us to pray

5 Ways Jesus Can Help You Pray

Here are five steps to model our own prayers after His.

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How to pray for others

3 Bible Verses to Help Us Pray for Others

It’s also another way of feeling God’s understanding and compassion.

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